Melia Hotel -average, so look for a better place

I will make it short.

The pros:

1. wide beach with free deckchairs

2. easy access to the bars and restrooms from the beach

3. beach vendors aren’t very pushy

4. the hotel is rather clean
 and safe

5. the hotel has got beautifullly maintained gardens 

6. the place is huge so one can stroll a lot but if you don’t like walking there are free little trains and golf carts which transport the tourists.


1. Delicious coffee

2. Tasty fruits, especially mango

3. Acceptable alcohol quality

The drawbacks:


1. The beach is full of seeweeds every morning and the staff starts cleaning the beach very late.

2. The people who expect some service at the beach should forget about it. There is JUST self-service.


1.It is worse than in poor Cuba. The choice of food is limited. They serve the same food every day. The food is always cold.

2. The a la carte restaurants just improvise. Their Pad Thai has no eggs, no nuts, no spices, no taste.


1. Our room is not cleaned at all. Nobody empties the bins, nobody provides us with toiletries and drinks.
 When we left 2$ for the maid, the money was taken and we just got clean towels.

2. In the so called Intenational Market Bar you wait ages for coffee or tea and you have to beg for a refill.

3. Want an omlette or pasta prepared by the cook? First you have to play hide and seek as the cooks hide themselves instead of serving the guests.

4. Forget that the food would look apetizing. I suppose a 5-year-old child makes a better omlette than a chef in Melia.


1. It is not dirty but it is hard to see somebody cleaning something.

2. Many things are outdated, old, worn out. I mean the furniture has seen better days.

How can they show something like this? We walk next to it every day. It is in the hall of our building.

All in all, I don’t recommend Melia Hotel and I really don’t understand the people who rate the it well.

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