Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is a city which bears a close resemblance to San Juan, Puerto Rico and Panama Vieja, Panama.

The buildings in old part of Santo Domingo are in the colonial style, they aren’t high, they usually comprise of groundfloor and the first floor. The streets are narrow, there are lovely squares, many small cafes and shops selling handcrafted gifts.

Rainy but charming.

I am really glad that I visited Santo Domingo – the first town of the New World, the place where Christopher Columbus arrived more than 500 years ago.

I visited the house of Diego Columbus – Christopher Columbus’ son.

I also saw the first court in the New World as well as the first cathedral. 

I dined in a restaurant in Santo Domingo’s old town. I am not sure if the food was typical of Dominicana but it was OK.

What do I think about Santo Domingo trip? 

The trip was worth the money. I paid 85$ for a trip which took almost 12 hours and had a guide who planned my day. The trip included lunch and mineral water, the bus was comfortable and everything was well organized. 

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