The Great Madras – Little India, Singapore

We spent the last night in a hotel named The Great Madras in Little India, Singapore. We wanted to economise so The Great Madras was a relatively cheap option to spend the final night of our trip.

From the very beginning there were some small problems with the hotel.

The hotel was booked through Suddenly, we got the info via e-mail that our hotel The Great Madras is Ghana not in Singapore is waiting for us. Fortunately, the reservation was OK, only the e-mail details were wrong.

While in Singapore, we got to the hotel soon after 10:00 am. We left our bags at the reception and we returned again at about 4:00 pm to check in. (Check in was available from 2:00 pm)

First, the lady and the man at the reception told us that our room was being cleaned and asked us the wait. Unfortunately, there was no room for us, I mean the type of room which we booked.

We got a little stressed out. After a couple of minutes the manager appeared, sat next to us, looked at us with terror and whispered that our room was taken.

We thought: Oh god, really? Is the manager going to accommodate us with his family or his Hindu acquaintances?

Fortunately, he comforted us and offered us the accessibility room for the disabled. Uff.

Breakfast in The Great Madras.

Again, there was some misunderstanding when it comes to website.

Well, we paid for a hotel with full breakfast. We almost did not get the room and we were offered simple continental breakfast.

Other portals like have more reliable information.

All in all, breakfast was OK. There were toasts, jam, cornflakes, cold milk, coffee, tea and juice as well as a possibility to order egg omelette or warm rice with beans.

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