A short summery

Will we come back to Australia?

Definitely, yes. We plan to spend more days on the coral reef, we want to visit the Outback as well as Melbourne.

What is positive about Australia?

1. The feeling of safety.

2. Incredible and unique animals.

3. Cleanliness. The cities, streets, public transport, parks are really clean.

4. The variety of really good restaurants and food.

5. Reasonable prices, only taxis seemed expensive for us.

6. The people and their style of life.

In the mornings the cafes were full of people eating breakfast. At lunch time, again people flocked to cafes to have a bite to eat. There was no rush and it was amazing for us.

7. General appearance of people.

Especially in Brisbane the people looked really elegant. The city center was full of handsome men in blue shirts and trousers, women wore elegant skirts, dresses, blouses or trousers. Dark colors like black, dark grey, dark blue were omnipresent. I would describe it as casual elegance and I was very impressed.

What is more, Australians weren’t obese, they were normal or slim.

8. Willingness to help.

Starting from a bus driver and hotel staff finishing with common people, everyone was eager to help or offer advice.

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