The people

Unfortunatelly, I don’t have a positive opinion about Jamaicans as well as the people of the Dominican Republic. Of course when it comes to openness and friendliness Jamaicans are at the top but the overall opinion about these two nations is negative.

First of all, the hotel staff in both countries is extremally lazy. They keep hiding in the corners and they aren’t willing to help. They have the jobs but they don’t appreciate that having a job is a privillage. 

The worst are maids in the Dominican Republic. I have never seen them tidying, sweeping or cleaning something but I have seen them strolling and talking. 

The restaurant staff is better than the maids but still you wiat ages for the service. 

The reception personnel is helpless. Whatever you ask them for, the anawer is „no, it is not possible”. 

The last group of people are the GREEDY and MORALLY SPOILT guides. Every beginning of the trip is connected with begging for tips. You enter the bus, sit down and you hear about tipping. The tipping requests are repeated several times. That is outrageous. 

Below our greedy guide Nacho. I could not stand his strange sense of humor.

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