So this is the end

It is Friday morning, time to pack our suitcases and come back home.
There are our family members and our animals waiting for us in Poland, and there is this Polish reality which I hate.

There are poorly educated politicians obsessed with themselves, interested in making money and not caring about the country. There are those stupid conflicts, lack of jobs, lack of reforms and exaggerations connected with an imaginary enemy – Russia.

There is my father, depressed and nervously counting the days till his retirement. He worked for more than 42 years, he is well educated and he is not sure if he manages to live long enough to enjoy his pension. To earn some cash, he delivers pizza but he is really exhausted.

What is waiting for me in Poland? Well, the answer is uncertainity and lack of stabilization as I really do not know if there will be a job for me or my boss will find a cheaper and younger substitute.

I have also some fears connected with paying off our mortgage because of the changing currency rate of a Swiss Frank. You see, one day you wake up and a Swiss Frank costs 3,20 PLN, the next day it is 3,48 PLN.

I can’t plan anything, I am too scared to start a family. I have been working since being a student and I am no one. There are no prospects for me in Poland, that is why I do not perceive myself as a Pole, I am simply a European. This country does not offer any hope for me any many other people.

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