A visit to Kennedy Space Center paid off, as it is an incredible place. One can really feel the historical importance of this place.
What is more, the center is perfect for everyone. It is a place where kids and adults can learn a lot.

First, we decide to take a bus tour around the center. A lovely, at least seventy-year-old woman is our bus driver and a guide. She is awesome!
On our way we see the so called launch pads from which the rockets are launched into space, then we see the crawler, which is a kind of vehicle used for transporting shuttles and rockets. There is also the huge building where rockets are assembled.

We also stop for some time and watch presentations connected with early space exploration.

After the bus tour, we decide to see the space shuttle Atlantis. We watch some presentations about heroism of American astronauts and the work connected with designing and building Atlantis. The presentations are very moving and tears appear in my eyes. Suddenly, we see Atlantis, first she is behind a transparent curtain and she is flying into our direction. Then the curtain disappears. Atlantis is fabulous! Never before had I thought that seeing a space shuttle would have such an impact on me.

We finish our visit to Kennedy Space Center with a shuttle launch simulator.
There is adrenaline and fear. We do not know what to expect. First, there is a short information program, then we sit down in armchairs and wait for a take off. We fasten our seatbelts and the simulator turns its position. It leans for sbout 90 degrees. Then the counting starts. Everything is shaking, our faces behave in a strange way. The shuttle is accelerating, different forces affect our bodies and suddenly we are flying in the space. The roof opens, we see the Earth, then we see the stars. It is magical and it is also the end of our visit to Kennedy Space Center.








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