Everglades National Park

When you watch films connected with Florida, there are always some snapshots of Everglades and airboats, that is why we decided to visit this famous park.

The entrance fee is $10 for a vehicle and the ticket is valid for seven days.
Before the main gate, there is a visitor center where you can get a map and some useful information.

The park is mainly covered with some swamps and different types of plants. It is also a home to many different species of animals.

We wanted to see aligators, that is why we chose so called Anhinga Trail. Spotting gators is a tough job as they hide pretty well and it is hard to see them in green-brown water. Well, we were lucky and managed to see three aligators.

We also went to the most southern part of the park called Flamingo. There, you can see the Florida Bay.

When you drive into the park you see a sign informing of a possibility to see the Florida panther. Well, we did not see any because there are only ten left in the park but it is a nice feeling that such incredible animals live there. We saw some eagles and vultures flying overhead and were bitten by mosquitos which was not nice.

All in all, we had a great time although we did not visit any private gator park withing Everglades bounderies and we did not try grilled gator’s tail.






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