What we have missed…

Me and Marcin are really satissfied with the whole trip. We have met interesting people, encountred the dolphins and simply had fun.  
What we really miss is some beach experience and reef snorkelling. I can only guess that some people miss the same. 

2 thoughts on “What we have missed…

  1. Yes, I feel the same way. There were times when I wished the boat would just stop, and we could jump in the water and swim. I was also hoping for at least 1/2 day of reef snorkeling.
    I felt what stood out on this trip was our stingray experience. The photographs that JC and Katarin took were fantastic and so was the movie they made for us.
    Also, there was a great mix of people of all ages, and there were so few of us. Just 10 which gave us more room in the boat and in the water. I really enjoyed talking to you and Marcin. I found you both to be interesting people.

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